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A round of applause for Trust Fostering’s wonderful young poets

Designed to encourage and inspire the children and young people to take part in something creative during the lock down period, the Trust Fostering team recently held their very own poetry competition.

Using the Trust as the theme of inspiration, the young people were encouraged to draw on experience and and write a poem, sonnet or haiku relating to an experience, memory, or a person associated with the Trust.


Fostering as a single mum

Foster carer helping with homework

One carer, who is single, has been fostering for the past 16 years and has lost count of how many children she has taken care of.

She has adopted one girl who was three when the placement started. She was adopted at four and is now a teenager.

In addition, she has fostered children from 18 months up to 16.

“I like to think I can help children and sometimes I look at them and think: “I’ve done a good job there.

“It’s also lovely to get feedback from other people who say they can see how well a child has developed in my care.”

Long term foster carers - Janet and Stuart's story

A Foster couple who have opened their home to nearly 130 children over 39 years, say they just love “making a difference”.

Janet and Stuart have cared for children ranging from birth through to 16 including several disabled children.

And Stuart has even performed the honour of giving one former foster teenager away several years later when she got married.

“We’ve had lots of good times,” said Stuart, adding: “We enjoy providing a stepping stone for children and young people to get them to a better life.”

Fostering for younger children - Bev and Andy's story

Bev and Andy have been fostering for the past four-and-a-half years, during which time they have cared for eight children, mainly ranging in age from newborn to two years.

And they have adopted one little girl, who was placed with them as a baby and who is now four-and-a-half.

The couple have three grown up daughters of their own and Bev, a former nursery nurse, said she wanted to go into fostering because she saw a dire need for carers in her professional role.

“I just saw so many children who lived in disadvantaged circumstances who should not be living at home.”

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