mockingbird foster care

This week has seen Trust Fostering launch their fifth Mockingbird Hub. In a bold and unique move by the Trust, the Hub brings together foster carers, one of the Doncaster Children's Services Trust Residential Homes and a set of grandparents with guardianship for their grandchildren.

The unique mix of families will work together using the Mockingbird model to help improve placement permanency and stability, whilst ensuring the carers involved are well supported and best able to look after the children and young people in their care.

The Trust have been delivering Mockingbird since 2015. The innovative programme, which is overseen by the Fostering Network, creates a constellation of foster carers around one Hub Carer and their home. The Hub Carer becomes almost like a grandparent figure to the children in the constellation and builds meaningful relationships with them as well as their carers. This means children are able to go for sleepovers with the Hub Carer, someone who they already know and trust, and foster carers have someone to turn to 24/7.

This newest Mockingbird Hub will initially support six Trust Fostering families, with room for more to join the ‘mock flock’.