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A day in the life of Jo, Mockingbird Hub Carer

Foster carer jo

Jo began fostering when her own children flew the nest, a devoted mum and ‘nanny’, she wanted to share the love and joy she had brought to her own family’s life to others.

“I thought about fostering for many years before I actually applied to become a carer. I had worked as a professional supporting people with mental health and substance misuse issues and supported lots of vulnerable people. When my children moved out I decided it was the right time to use those skills and give local children and young people support, kindness and a loving friendly home.”  

Starting as a foster carer receiving support from Mockingbird, Jo found being part of the innovative scheme incredibly helpful, especially when facing challenging situations as a new carer.

“The support I had from my Hub Carer was invaluable. I had lots of skills I could use when fostering, communicating with people, being a positive role model and being calm in stressful situations, but my Mockingbird Hub Carer brought practical expertise and a listening ear when I needed it most.” 

When the chance to take up a role as a Mockingbird Hub Carer arose, Jo grasped the opportunity, having sought out advice from current Hub Carers and researched the experiences of others undertaking the role; Jo says having a good understanding of fostering was also important.

“Being a Hub Carer is very rewarding but it does have its challenges. For me, I’m still learning and every day is different, I’ve had ups and downs and everyone’s experience will be different.”

“Being a part of a variety of children’s lives is an incredibly positive experience; there are so many magical moments that remind me why I came into fostering. Seeing children, young people and families having fun and enjoying life is definitely the best part of my job.”

If you’re considering becoming a Hub Carer, or are interested in other specialist foster carer roles, visit our recruitment page here